Common Sense and Wonder


Carnival of the Vanities #33

(for the graphic version of this weeks CotV, go here)

Mike Finley offers his views on patriotism

Inscrutable American offers a new map of the Middle East

Joe at Attaboy has some comments on Bush's recent speech and compares Bush to his recent contemporaries

Da Goddess responds to one of the Bush=Hitler crowd

The Philosophical Cowboy at Layman's Logic reports on an electronic voting system being tested in Ireland

Northstar at the People's Republic of Seabrook says that anti-abortion groups having failed with a direct approach have decided to adopt a subtler approach to dismantle Roe V. Wade

Ravenwood says Howard Dean's promise of free healthcare for all is an empty promise and looks at how well national health care works elsewhere

Alisa (in Wonderland) has a short tribute to her friend Sarah

Tim at The Road to Surfdom isn't impressed with the War in Iraq or George Bush's performance to date

Michele at A Small Victory has some comments about the looting and the failure of the UN to do anything to stop it. Oh, did I mention it was the looting of the UN dining rooms?

David at Clubbeaux has some questions about current theories of macroevolution and he also catches someone plagiarizing him and doesn't like it

The Talking Dog offers a new Democratic Manifesto

Madeleine Kane has a new song she wants to dedicate to the Dixie Chicks

Carey at CognoCentric critiques a letter from Ben Cohen urging sweeping new Federal healthcare entitlements

Chuck at You Big Mouth, You talks about the Libertarian movement in America and also discusses the quality of debate in the blogosphere

James DiBenedetto offers thoughts on Tina Brown and other 'cutesy' columnists Richard Cohen and Tom Friedman and WaPo cartoonist Tom Toles and, finally, Major League Baseball

Venomous Kate offers some thoughts on blogging styles and philosophies

Solonor reveals the superheroic origins of his referrer blogs

John Ray wonders if the British have missed the point about immigration control

Acidman thinks too many parents tolerate bad behaviour in their children, which is why there is so much of it

Bryan at Arguing with Signposts has created a pair of posters for the Lileks/Reynolds feud over Windows vs Mac

Steven at The Grille has some thoughts on the optimal level of taxation

Frank at IMAO conducts an interview with Bill Whittle and Bill Whittle of Eject!Eject!Eject! interviews Frank

Big Arm Woman imagines a conversation between herself, Irony and Hyperbole

John Lemon at Barrel of Fish comments on the rise of libertarianism and the decline of Democratic party influence on the West Coast

Amanda of The Twins Tell The Truth has an opinion on Scott Peterson's non-confession

Meryl Yourish says the administration 'Road Map' toward peace between the Palestinians and Israel won't work

Pete at The World According to Pete offers some short fiction: 'The Magician and the Proctologist' and 'One-Fisted Tales of Love'. Pete also offers an Ode to the Lost Art of Dining

Fred at Fragments from Floyd and Lisa at Field Notes have a dual blog posting on their reaction to an advertisement in Blue Ridge Mountain Magazine.

Arthur Silber at the Light of Reason tells us why Bill Bennett's gambling matters. Hint: it has more to do with Bennett being an intrusive busybody than with gambling

Rip Rowan of the Skeptician reports that millions of Americans are being censored for their war views

Andrea Harris at Too Much to Dream reports on the continuing saga of Baghdad's missing treasures

BigWig at Silfay Hraka worries that the real treasures looted from Iraq may have been the WMD which are being sold to the highest bidder">

Denny Wilson of Grouchy Old Cripple recounts some Iraqi Horrors both pre- and post-war

Bruce at Silent Running tells us what he's listening to

Stephen Carlson at Cold Spring Shops offers some thoughts on the Parables of Economics

Dean Esmay of Dean's world offers a chilling and sobering short history of genocide in the 20th century

Wylie at WylieBlog explains why charity works and welfare doesn't

Steve at Tiny Little Lies also weighs in on Bennett's gambling

James Joyner of Outside the Beltway agrees with Thomas Sowell that work pays. He also does a little fact checking of claims by the Guardian on the size of the black market in the US

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